The First Poop Vid I've Ever Seen

I blame this video for my sick twisted way of thinking, and developing a new found fetish. One day while browsing for "regular" porn. I stumbled across a video titled "Phat Ass Jiggling". "OMG she has a nice booty" I said to myself as I clicked the link. With palms greasy, ready to stroke my long, hard dick, I paused in total disgust. "Did she just take a shit on camera" I said rewinding it back a few frames... Yes she did. This nasty bitch just took a shit with no reguards who's watching. Still turned off in disgust I continued watching the same part over and over. At that moment it hit me. I actually started to like this video. To my suprise, I became a lover of poop from that day on. here is the vid I mentioned.


  1. Thank you Nasty Barb. I would love to see you poop anytime. If you are interested you can email me whenever you like.