Looking For Contributors

Hi everybody! I would like to thank the fans of my blog for the support & kind words. As you know the net is full of beautiful women & we all would like to see more. If you have any videos or links to be featured, send them to vids_pooping_girls@yahoo.com

I am no longer accepting vids in my gmail account. As time pass I will post more interesting videos of the most exotic women pooping, farting and peeing. With your support we can make this the best blog online.


Jimmy Boner

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Farting & Pooping On Toilet


Ignorant People

I would like to take the time to shout out the idiot that was responsible for reporting my group on Facebook. I assume you want a cookie for your deed. All I can say is that you are such an asshole.I will be back.

Ebony Scat Princess

Here she is. A beautiful black woman pooping for the ones who love it the most. I don't know much about her but stumbled upon her vids a few years back. Below are a few videos of her squeezing smelly chocolate poop out of her beautiful brown asshole. She is enticing to the eye & pure pleasure. Show support and buy her videos. You will NOT be disappointed. Info is located at the bottom of post.

She offers 5 minute custom clips for $50 & 10 minute custom clips for $80

E-mail her at: ebonyscatprincess@gmail.com or ebonypooprincess@gmail.com

Her websites: http://www.mstoniblack.com/ & http://tinyurl.com/ebonyscatprincess

c4s site: http://mstoniblack.c4slive.com/

Follow her on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ebonyfetishtoi

Black Chick Pooping


Stories Are In The Works

For a while I've had the urge to write a few fictinal stories. Being that I was such an avid writer in my teen years, I decide to create something strictly for the blog. Who knows, I might create a series depending on my mood. Come back from time to time for new stories and feel free to leave comments.


I Think I've Found A Few Worthy Candidates

It's been a while since my last post and I send my apologies. Recently I set out to find a few black girls who are willing to beome a part of my blog project, to my suprise there are little to few black girls who would actually participate. Im curious to know why aren't there any black girls who are into scat. I as a black man is familiar with what I know. No disrespect to any other races but I would rather see a beautiful black woman take a poop on cam than to see a malnurished, heroin addicted european slut. It's only my opinion so go ahead and judge if you want. So, the quest continues and I will not stop until I find more beautiful, kinky black women to share in my delights. (note: the woman in the above picture isn't the one I found, but I sure would love to see her poop for me)


My Promo Vid

Nothing major. Just something to promote the blog. Let me know what you think.