I Think I've Found A Few Worthy Candidates

It's been a while since my last post and I send my apologies. Recently I set out to find a few black girls who are willing to beome a part of my blog project, to my suprise there are little to few black girls who would actually participate. Im curious to know why aren't there any black girls who are into scat. I as a black man is familiar with what I know. No disrespect to any other races but I would rather see a beautiful black woman take a poop on cam than to see a malnurished, heroin addicted european slut. It's only my opinion so go ahead and judge if you want. So, the quest continues and I will not stop until I find more beautiful, kinky black women to share in my delights. (note: the woman in the above picture isn't the one I found, but I sure would love to see her poop for me)


  1. a very nice blog, good luck with finding woman!